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Daniel Taylor-Lund
NLP Master Practitioner

I use a blended approach to my coaching as I recognise that we are all different. This is about you, how you see the world and how you see yourself. Together we will work on your limiting beliefs allowing you to ignore that negative voice, break free and reach your full potential.

1 hour session: In this session I will guide you through relevant techniques tailored to your limiting beliefs.
Investment: £85.00 / €100.00

Six weeks of 1:1 coaching:  Weekly coaching with guidance and support for identifying, and transforming, the cause of your limiting beliefs.
Investment: £450.00 / €520.00

What to expect:

You can expect a safe space to concentrate on you, a space in which I will listen and you will have the time and space to tell your story. Initially we will look at what you are looking to change. Based on this I will design a unique program for you, drawing on various techniques, to create this change. We will then start your transformational journey together.

What I can do for you...


‘Working with Danny has led to many positive changes in my life - I have gone from being stuck to being much more confident and in control of actions and decision making. Actions and decisions that are right for me!  From start to finish Danny helped guide me to my desired changes in a relaxed and friendly manner. If you are wanting to resolve issues that are preventing you from doing what you aspire to do, then I can’t recommend Danny enough.  I’m sure I will be seeking Danny’s guidance and transformational skills further as I journey my way through life!’ - Jo

‘Danny is one of the most sensitive, compassionate, caring and when appropriate, humorous people I know. His passion, attention to detail and meticulous planning make him great at what he does. Moreover, his warmth and empathic nature means that you can share with him any sensitive detail and he will find a way to help you in your life.’  - Tamsin

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